Always Time for Birding!

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Always Time for Birding!

Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching and many of you will likely be traveling to visit friends and family. Don't forget to pack your binoculars and keep them handy, you never know when you might see an interesting or new bird. This can be especially true if your traveling outside your normal area to new habitats. Heck I was visiting family out of state once and saw Rosette Spoonbills in the drainage ditch along the side of the road! What might be common to some can be a life list sighting for others.

You can even involve family and friends in your birding. After the traditional large Thanksgiving dinner round up a few interested folks and take a walk looking for birds. You never know what you might see and by sharing your enthusiasm for birds you might even gain a new birding buddy. I will be visiting out of state for the holiday and you can be sure I will have my binoculars handy. In fact I am even planning on going on Ebird and checking out the local sightings to be prepared for just what I might see. I suggest you all try out Ebird as well, it can be a valuable tool in birding. Just a heads up, if your going to be near Plum Island, Massachusetts the Snowy Owls have returned!

I hope you all have a safe, healthy and happy holiday. Remember there is always time for birding!!

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