Dinner For Three

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Hello Everyone,
I just returned from a beautiful fall weekend at the cabin, the foliage is always breathtaking. Just before I drive away I always go down to the water's edge to say “goodbye” to the lake. As I did that this morning I saw an incredible sight. Across the lake there is a tall birch tree and sitting in the tree were three Bald Eagles, such a beautiful sight, the white birch with golden yellow leaves and three magnificent Bald Eagles perched on it's branches. I couldn't believe it, three Bald Eagles together in one tree! As I was watching them through my binoculars two flew off, I followed one as it landed in a tall spruce not far from the birch, the other landed on the ground near the waters edge. Even with out binoculars there is no mistaking these majestic birds with their white head and tail and huge 30 inch wing span.
Then as if seeing three eagles together in a tree wasn't cool enough I watched as the eagle in the birch flew to the edge of the water and landed on a dead deer. I hadn't noticed the deer carcass before but now I could understand why the three eagles were there. The other two eagles joined the first and patiently waited on a large rock for the alpha bird to feast first. I watched as the eagle torn bits of meat off the carcass while sitting on the protruding rib cage. It was gross but fascinating at the same time.
John was watching as well and we considered trying to get a picture. But we had everything loaded in the car to leave and the cabin was all locked up. It would have taken an hour or so to unpack the suitcase to get the camera, open the cabin back up, drag the kayak down to the water, paddle over to the opposite side of the lake and attempt to take the eagles picture. Even if I did try to paddle over to get closer for a picture there was no guarantee I wouldn't end up scaring them away in the process. I didn't want to take that chance and cause the eagles to lose out on a good meal.
As I drove the four hours home I regretted that decision. I wish I had taken the time and paddled over to try and get a picture. When will I ever see such an incredible sight again? As driving I fantasied about getting that one unbelievable fantastic shot and entering it in a nature photo contest and winning first place. Then I could afford to buy the very expensive equipment to take up the hobby of digiscoping. Then I could have taken a picture while standing on shore in front of the cabin across the lake of that incredible sight of three Bald Eagles at natures table enjoying dinner for three.
Fall is a special time at the cabin. I saw two new birds that were migrating through from Canada to their winter homes far south. A flock of Yellow-breasted Chats and a pair of Mourning Warblers.
Happy Birding, Jane
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