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Hello everyone,
It has been a hectic couple of weeks for me, I just returned from some relaxing alone time at the cabin. Since June 11th I have only slept in my own bed four nights, between our great Colorado trip, time with Chris in Maine and time at the cabin I haven't been home much. But hey I put up with a crappy job to get the summer time off that's what it's all about, I'm not complaining.
While at the cabin I was privy to a special event. There is a short window of time when young birds leave the nest but are still in need of their parents to feed them. As these young fledglings are learning the ropes of life in the wild they noisily follow their parents constantly squawking and flapping their wings begging for food.
Early one special morning as I sat on the porch with my coffee I hear a tweeting and see a family of Yellow-rumped Warblers hopping among the branches of the pine tree by the porch. The young ones flapping their wings with mouth open waiting for breakfast. Next, my attention is drawn to the loud "pep pep pep" of four Hairy Woodpeckers as they land on a dead stump and the parents drill for bugs which they feed to the young ones.
Next, a large flock of Grackles noisily invade the quiet as they hop along the ground overturning leaves in search of food. All the while the young ones flap and squawk waiting to be fed. Next, a group of Blue Jays join the Grackles as if to say "Hey I want some of that too!" the young Jays call out to be fed, I don't envy those parents geez.
The best was the Hummingbird family. As the female and a slightly smaller and paler colored young hummer fly onto the hummingbird feeder by the window to drink, the male lands on a tree branch sitting still briefly. Suddenly the male hummer buzzes towards the feeder and fends off another male that was trying to land on the feeder. The male defended the feeder multiple times to ensure his mate and his young had sole access to the nectar. It was so touching to see how fiercely he guarded his family.
All the time I spend trekking the woods in search of birds and here I am wittiness to a special time in nature, all while still in my pj's sipping my morning coffee. If that doesn't calm your soul and re-energize your thoughts nothing will.
Current Big Year Total.........200
Happy Birding, Jane

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