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Hello family & friends,      
Well, it is official I have gone to the birds, I am completely loony! I have decided to make 2012 my Big Year. A Big Year is a birding competition where a birder counts all the different species they see in one calendar year. The current title holder is Sandy Komito with 748 sightings, his record has held since 1998. A Colorado birder almost beat him with a count of 747 last year. I realize I have little chance of getting anywhere close to those numbers, the average birder in the competition ranks in the 500's. My life list count is only around 180, with this year's count at only 33, but what the heck I'm gonna try. To get a sense of what I am talking about rent the movie The Big Year, the movie spurred me on. I have been thinking about going for it since the Birders Super Bowl event on Plum Island Mass. a couple of weeks ago.
This may be the year for me to reach my personal best, with a trip to Florida coming up and a possible trip west to Colorado and Arizona. So keep me in mind if you hear of any interesting bird sightings in your area and let me know.
Sissy & Bill, I have been researching the birds of the Everglades. I hope to add a few new birds to my list. And of course, we HAVE to make a return trip to Ding Darling on Sanibel Island. I need to spot the Roseate Spoonbill again and the Florida Scrub Jay to count for this year!
Dougie, yes I said a possible trip to Arizona. I hope to make it out to Colorado to see Jeanine and depending on time and money may try to get out to see you. Just think of the new Hummingbirds I could see!
Chris & Beth, let's go for it! Strap on the sea sickness bands and let's take that charter boat out of Maine in search of the Atlantic Puffin.
Eric, fair warning I may drop by during the Mt Monadnock NH Hawk migration, don't worry I'll call first.
Becky, I'm lacking in my urban sparrow counts a trip to that park near you may be in order.
Jeanine, I'm counting on you to find the best places to view the Stellar's Jay and Pinyon Jay and any other Rocky Mt birds we can see.
So fair warning to all, I will do my best to not be an obnoxious birder but hope you can all join in on my quest. Oh, what fun lies ahead!
 Luv Ya, Jane

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