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Here is a story from a friend of mine about her birding adventures, she got a lucky sighting! 


Hard to find woodpecker turns out to be not that hard!
I have a cabin on Prince Edwards Island so I am fortunate to be able to visit the lovely island every year. I love to birdwatch there. In June 2018, I got to spend a lot of time out bird watching. I have the habit of stopping in the Provincial Tourist Information Centers to ask if they know of any good birding areas. The smaller Information Centers are manned by locals who can sometimes give you good advice. I stopped at the Wood Island Information Center and asked a staff person if they could recommend any local birdwatching areas. She told me about an area nearby in Murray River. But then she said that they had a woodpecker just outside the Center that makes a real racket. “Look” she said, pointing to the window, “There he goes now.” So I went outside and watched for some time until it started to rain. I figured that I was just not meant to see this noisy woodpecker. But as soon as I got to my car, I heard really loud woodpecker pecking. I quickly spotted a large woodpecker hammering away at the metal roof of the Information Center. There was no way to miss it, it was big and banging on metal. My surprise was that it was a Three-toed Woodpecker which are not that common on the Island. And it was a life list bird for me. I cannot claim any real birdwatching prowess or patience in this sighting. Anyone in the parking lot would have heard the banging and it was big.
From there, I drove over to the Murray River site. It was a dirt road thorough large trees. I saw a motion to my left and sure enough there was another one! It was very close. It hung around and I got to look it over carefully.
The Information Center worker gave me some woodpecker good advice that day! A life bird seen twice in an afternoon!

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