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Hello everyone,
This past Sunday John & I traveled to Misquamicut State Beach in Westerly Rhode Island, this was the first time I have been back to RI since I left in 1964 as a child. Crystal was running in the Surftown Half Marathon, we went to cheer her on and hang out with Jeremy. Running isn't always a spectator friendly sport but this race had a great course, on the seaside road. The weather was great, sunny with a nice breeze. At the starter's gun thousands of runners took off, we couldn't find Crystal among the throng but luckily the runners looped back to pass right by us. So we got to cheer her on as she ran by and then as she came across the finish line. Great job Crystal!
When the runners were out of sight we were able to stroll along the beach, I would listen and when we heard clapping and cheering we knew runners were coming and we headed back to the road side. While walking along the beach I was lucky enough to see some new birds. There was a small group of mixed Peeps sunning themselves in the seaweed at the high tide mark. Most of the smallest shorebirds, those 5in to 7in are called Peeps as a general term. Jeremy helped me confirm their Ids, and we were able to quietly walk all most right up to them as they were sunning and preening.
The new birds I was lucky enough to see were the Western Sandpiper & the Black-bellied Plover. But the real lucky ones are the dogs of Vermont. The charity that Crystal raised money for by running the Marathon is Vermont Rescue Dogs. So thanks to Crystal there are some very Lucky Dogs in Vermont!
Fall migration is in full swing, get out there and do some birding.
Current Big Year Total...........218
Happy Birding, Jane

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