Persistent Bachelor

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Persistent Bachelor

For the past few weeks we have had a male House Wren in our yard. We don't usually have House Wrens around so at first it was nice to hear his constant singing for a mate.
I have some bird houses that my daughter made for me hanging in the cedar tree just outside the back door and from the kitchen window I watched as the Wren would fly onto the bird house and sing and sing.

Then he began to land on the bird house with a piece of grass or a small stick in his beak and he would enter the bird house with it. He would come out of the bird house and fly to a branch just above it and sing and sing for a mate. This went on for days and days but he never did get an answer and I have yet to see another House Wren around. I was beginning to feel bad for the little persistent bachelor.

As melodious as his song is I have to say it was beginning to get annoying. When he would begin his singing at 5:30 am just outside the bedroom window all I wanted to do was cover my head with a pillow to get some peace and quiet till I had to get up for work! Still that House Wren would sing and sing and sing. He wasn't giving up his search for that perfect mate to make his house a home. Unfortunately the bird houses are still empty. Wishing good luck to the persistent bachelor singing his heart out for the ladies.

Happy Birding

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