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Hello everyone,
Just returned from the cabin, spent the weekend buttoning up the place for the winter. It's always sad to close the place up and drive away. We had snow squalls then sun and temps near 40 then snow again pretty typical Pittsburg weather for this time of year. The job of closing the place up was made a bit more difficult because a skunk has decided to hibernate under the cabin. He did not take lightly to being disturbed when John tried to get under there to turn off the water.
I did take the kayak over to the spot where I had seen the Eagles. When John pulled the kayak out from under the cabin was the first time he saw the skunk, so we had to store the kayak inside the cabin, wasn't going to take the chance of making Mr. Skunk angry. I was pretty sure I knew the location of the carcass the Eagles were eating but the water level was much higher than before and I couldn't find it. Perhaps it sank into the deeper water or maybe the Coyotes dragged it away. In any case, there was no evidence of it to be found.
The young Loon is still on the lake, the parents have left. It was so sad to hear the young Loon call during the night. I sure hope his instincts kick in and he heads south soon. There were a lot of hunters in the woods so I had to be very careful about my birding walks. But luckily I was able to get one new exciting sighting. A Black-backed Woodpecker! Those of you with birding apps check him out. I heard him before I saw him and it took quite a bit of work to find him in the dense woods. Especially when there were hunters guns going off around me. Don't worry I wear my blaze orange, remember I'm a might bigger then a rabbit eh.
An interesting news story some of you may have read about, the Osprey project. They fitted three NH Osprey with tracking devices to learn more about their migration. Here in NH they are protected and we have made great progress in their protection but we are a global world and the areas birds migrate to needs protection as well. The world is losing important natural areas fast and these studies hope to educate people and countries of the importance of the rainforest and coastal flyways.
You can follow the Ospreys journey,
One male, Art has made it to South America safely. Unfortunately it seems that the female Jill has died some where in Brazil. The other male Chip has everyone puzzled, it seems he has gone way off course and become lost at sea. His locator signal has him on a cargo ship far out to sea. His survival is unlikely. It appears the poor young Osprey is on a slow boat to China.
Current Big Year Total.......227
Happy Birding, Jane

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