U Snooze U Lose

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The other day while watching the evening news I noticed out the window Missy walking towards the house carrying something in her mouth. Now my little Missy cat is quite the hunter she does pretty good for an old kitty cat. She doesn't eat what she catches, she is way too fussy an eater for that. I had noticed that she had been sitting staring into a small hole in the ground under the old bird bath for awhile. The cement bird bath doesn't hold water any longer so I put mixed seed and old bread in it for the squirrels and larger birds like the Turkeys. I guess she finally got whatever creature was in there.

As she got closer to the house I could see it was a mole and that it was still alive, it was wiggling in her mouth. Oh great, she is probably going to bring it to me as a gift. She is known for presenting me with dead or half dead mice, moles or other disgusting half dead creatures from the woods. I consider going outside and making her drop the poor little thing but heck she has been cooped up all Winter with the rest of us, I decided to let her have some fun.

She sits down and drops the mole then proceeds to chase it as it tries to escape. She throws it up in the air and is having a grand ole time with it. Soon she loses interest and begins to lick her paws to clean herself, she turns her back to the mole. Ah now is it's chance, the mole begins to scamper away while Missy isn't looking.

Suddenly from the woods, a Coopers Hawk fly’s in, talons outstretched and it lands on the mole with wings flapping, it grabs the mole and shoots off back into the woods! Missy, startled by the hawk, did a back flip into the air and with her tail puffed up in fright climbed the nearest tree in a flash. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing! Darn, I was going to get the camera and video Missy playing with the mole but was lazy and didn't feel like going for the camera, now I wish I had. That was for sure a once in a lifetime event to see.

So lesson learned by all... U Snooze U Lose. I was too lazy to go get my camera so I missed out on a great video to share, Missy dropped her catch and turned her back on it, the mole wasn't moving fast enough to escape. But the Coopers Hawk sure was the winner, hope he enjoyed his dinner, compliments of Missy cat.

I've included a picture of Missy at it again, she is sleeping by the bird bath just waiting for her next chance. We will see if she learned her lesson, if U Snooze U Lose.

Happy Birding, Jane

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