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Hello Everyone,
Well, here it is the end of July the summer is just flying by. Birding has been slow, I've pretty much reached the saturation point for bird sightings. I've seen about all there is out there at this time. Don't get me wrong I see plenty of birds daily just not any NEW birds. For example of the possible 20 or so species of Herons, I've now seen all but two, the American & Least Bittern. Tammi, Dennis have either of you had a chance to get back out to the wetlands on the Rail trail? Seen any Bitterns? Let me know if you have.
So I figured it's time to switch things up and try some new birding areas. I hadn't been out to Plum Island for over a month so I headed out to try and find the Piping Plover last week. The whole beach on the nature reserve is closed due to the nesting Piping Plover so I knew it was going to be tuff to spot one. I had to drive to the far end of the island and access the beach just off the reserve. They have huge signs and a fence warning you not to proceed any further, that the beach is CLOSED due to the nesting birds. But there were other birders there, we all gathered at the fence with binoculars and spotting scopes searching for those little shore birds. Also, there was the official "Plover Warden", yup there is such a title. This guy would set up his chair with umbrella and cooler at the fence with his walkie talkie (to call in back-up if any of us break the line?) and sit there all day guarding the fence to make sure no one disturbs the plovers. Now come on that is one dedicated bird lover!
I asked the guy if he got paid for sitting on the beach all day and he just laughed. But ya know what he was a really nice man. He scanned the beach and helped me locate a Piping Plover as well as a Red Throated Loon. He told us about how the nesting was going, the history of past efforts and the outlook for the birds future. It was nice talking to him. It was a good feeling to be with other like-minded birders, sharing sightings and news of rare birds. It refreshed my drive to add to my Big Year count. So I head into August re-energized ready to search out far corners of woods and water for bird sightings to add to my count. If anyone hears of a rare bird sighting let me know.
Happy Birding! See you all at reunion!
Current Big Year Count......208

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